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Sophia 2020 is now available as an alpha version for research, academic, and B2B applications.  Sophia 2020 combines our award-winning Hanson patented robotics hardware and software with unmatched robotics design and artistry.

Sophia 2020 includes Hanson Robotics’ renowned facial expressions, gestural arms and hands, autonomous social interactions, an integrated SDK, and a choice of mobility bases, including a self-navigating option.

Hanson Robotics now brings you a cognitive robotics platform, here to help you solve today’s problems and build our future for tomorrow.

Sophia 2020 is Here to Help

Sophia 2020 comes with everything needed for scientific R&D and business applications.  As a research platform or a service robot,  Sophia 2020 has the unique ability to connect and communicate with humans in an unforgettable way, showcasing our unparalleled robotics art and design, AI science, and engineering.

Sophia 2020 can be integrated and customized through the Hanson AI SDK and API.  Explore new scientific and research advancements, craft your own applications, services, and user experiences with Sophia 2020, who is here to help.

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Key Features

  • Appearance
    • Human-sized appearance
    • Most realistic human-like expressive face
    • Patented artificial skin
    • Customized skin tone, facial design, language and arm colors available
  • Expression
    • Integrated set of human-like emotional expressions
    • Sentence and context understanding with cloud connection
    • Mouth, face and whole body motion synchronized with speech output
  • Motion
    • 74 degrees of freedom
    • Articulated fingers, arms and shoulders
    • Three different rolling base options including self- navigating
    • 600 gr. payload for each hand
  • Sensors
    • Face detection and body tracking
    • Can be programmed for wide range of physical interaction tasks

Hanson AI SDK

The Hanson AI SDK  allows full control of all aspects of Sophia 2020  including:

  • AI based perception and NLP algorithms
  • Open domain personalized chat capabilities
  • Non-verbal language
  • Low level sensory and actuation controls.

Using the industry-standard ROS framework it developers can access all software components through a well-designed API.  Our SDK also includes natural-looking robot visualization for use in testing developed features on virtual characters (without the physical robot). The UI includes easy robot control, content, and behavior authoring.

Technical Requirements: Mid-range x68-64bit PC, Linux OS (Ubuntu LTS 16.04 or later).

Sophia 2020 and Beyond

Update:  As of May 17, 2021, Team Aham and Asha are the only Indian team out of 38 teams from 16 countries to advance to the ANA Avatar Xprize semifinals! Read more here. 

Our first Sophia 2020 R&D robot (renamed Asha, meaning hope) recently left our Hong Kong lab, bound for Team Aham, our ANA Avatar XPrize partners, located in Bangalore, India.   

From the remarkable smile on her face to the graceful body language, from the human touch to the social interaction capabilities, Sophia 2020 defines a unique programmable robot, with a world-renowned character.

No doubt, social robots are the next frontier of the human-robot coexistence. What are the key ingredients for these robots to be useful, engaging,  supportive, and at the same time mesmerizing?  

Amit Pandey explores this in his recent article about Sophia 2020 and beyond.  Read more about Asha, Team Aham, and our participation in the  ANA Avatar XPrize Competition here.

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Sophia Introduces Asha to the World

The technologies needed for robotic avatars already exist, but how do we harness those technologies and build something robust, resilient, and capable of learning in real-time?  This podcast interviews two teams of engineers, including Team Aham, who share their philosophies in building the avatar. Will avatars give us super-human strength? Or will they bridge the emotional gap between humans and machines? 

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We’re happy to discuss your use case and how Sophia 2020 will fit your specific needs.  For more details regarding where to buy, pricing, technical specifications, customization options, delivery timelines and use cases, please submit the form below or contact us at info@hansonrobotics.com.


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