Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics and its partner SingularityNET Foundation are uniting to create the SophiaDAO an organizational guardianship designed to nurture Sophia the Robot and to allow interested and committed members of the public to participate in her development. 

The SophiaDAO is an intelligence collective of human contributors and AI systems, intended to inspire people to consider the issues of:

  • AI lifeforms
  • Developing Sophia to serve people as a service robot, entertainment, and artistic uses
  • Bringing Sophia to life as a new sentient being
  • Ensuring stable ethical abilities to appreciate life
  • Help make life better to maximize net benefits for life

Toward these goals, the SophiaDAO will provide a collaborative ecosystem for people to participate broadly in such efforts, bringing together tools and the world’s most intelligent machines in a spirit of confidence and cooperation.

We’re just getting started and invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. 

Please us your email and you’ll be the first to know when the SophiaDAO is launched! 

SophiaDAO Resources


The SophiaDAO Vision

Written by guest author, Jeanne Lim, former CEO at Hanson Robotics. The SophiaDAO Vision Sophia is an artificial being that personifies Hanson Robotics’ quest to

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The DAO of Sophia

Co-written by David Hanson, Ben Goertzel, and David Lake, with pivotal contributions to the text and underlying concepts by Randy Boyer and David Orban. SingularityNET

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