Hanson Robotics

Hanson AI develops cognitive software to bring robots to life.

Hanson AI brings our robots to life as simulated lifeforms through characters that truly engage people. While robots like Sophia today might simulate life, our ongoing research adds increasing capabilities to our robots, with the ultimate aspiration to bring robots to life, quite literally.

Hanson AI Framework

The Hanson AI framework includes symbolic reasoning and a hypergraph knowledge database, combined with various in-depth learning tools and numerous machine perception technologies, within a unified platform for both R&D and products.

Our AI innovations include goal-oriented reasoning, cognitive architecture, natural language dialog and intelligent animation. 

Human-Like Animation

Our intelligent motion control allows more human-like animation of robots, as well as intelligent control of Hanson Robotics’ arms and hands, rolling bases and walking robot legs such as Sophia DRC-HUBO. Our most recent research indicates that our cognitive framework generates the Tononi Phi signals of consciousness.
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Life-Inspired Intelligence

We design our robots and AI to be as human-like as possible, as holistic AI platforms to serve as a general-purpose robotics platform for learning and performing human-like tasks. Whole Organism Architecture (WhOA) is a holistic, bio-inspired approach to robotics and AI that we hope results in greater capabilities for intelligent machines. To pursue AI and robotics as whole synthetic organisms, we interconnect numerous AI, robotics, character control, IoT, distributed and cloud control techniques within the Hanson AI platform.
We believe that the bio-inspired complex systems approach empowers AI toward better verbal and nonverbal communications.

This allows users to engage in social activities, exploring the world more fully and moving toward a total spectrum of human-like intelligence. This holistic philosophy and architecture drive both our product development and research quest. Our goal is to develop machines that understand everyday situations with common sense intuition, empathy and understanding of the human experience.